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SealTester Tool
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SealTester™ Tool

The SealTester is a quality testing device designed to perform efficiently and with ease. It is sized to allow the user to comfortably check fasteners without having to kneel down on the roof. It is designed to be used by either right or left handed people.

Part Number: 100

Price: $330.00


Accessories and Replacement Parts:

Nylon Carry Case
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Nylon Carrying Case

BACKORDERED - Not available at this time

An optional padded carrying case is available to protect the SealTester. It is rugged and includes a nylon over the shoulder sling for convenience when climbing stairs or ladders, etc.


Part Number: 101

Price: $65.00


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Black Flat Washer

Vacuum Gauge

Part Number: 113

Price: $35.00


Black Flat Washer

Outside Rubber Seal

Part Number: 114

Price: $25.00


Black Flat Washer

Latch Rod

Part Number: 204

Price: $23



Black Flat Washer


Part Number: 310

Price: $10.00