The SealTester

Created to test fasteners quickly and effortlessly.

It’s compact, making it easy to transport from job to job.

“Having used the Sealtester product for many years now, I have no hesitation in endorsing it for use:
in fact the SealTester product is an invaluable aid in gauging the condition of exposed roof fasteners and can also
be helpful in assuring new fasteners are properly installed. It is highly recommended for all roof professionals!”

Brendan Doyle

Brendan Doyle Associates Manufacturers' Representative, North East Region - USA

Patented Design

The SealTester was designed specifically for the metal building industry and is an essential tool that checks faulty fastener seals on both new and old construction. The tool detects leaks from the top side of the roof, confirming weather-tight connections. It works on the high corrugation fasteners, as well as in the flat of a panel. This professional tool will save you time and money.

The SealTester was designed and patented by Richard Wallace, President of Wallace Sales, Inc. He set out to create a tool that could be used in his own metal building business. The SealTester provided the answer for his business and it will for your business too!

No More Costly Call-backs

The quality of a seal is largely dependant upon the initial installation. This is also the most-efficient, cost-effective time to check for errors. That’s where the SealTester proves its worth. With this easy to use tool, a seal’s integrity can be analyzed quickly and accurately, avoiding the frustrating, (often embarrassing) high cost game of “hide and seek”, where a loose fastener or bad seal is often nowhere near the damage it is causing. The SealTester detects problems before the damage is done.

Avoid Hazardous Inspections

In time, a fastener may work loose due to expansion, contraction, or building movement. Inspection is the only way to monitor this condition and often involves less than safe conditions. the SealTester provides more accurate, thorough testing by reducing the hazards created by typical interior inspection. When troubleshooting old buildings, the SealTester will pinpoint faulty seals for easier repair and replacement from the top side of the roof.

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