Wallace Sales Company

Richard Wallace, President of Wallace Sales Co, Inc., and inventor of the unique SealTester, has over 50 years experience in the metal building industry, including many years with Butler Manufacturing Company and 35 years with his Butler affliation, Landmark Design Builders in the New Jersey area. He has walked many roofs, and witnessed many approaches to “roof repairs” from caulking fasteners in a broad area that may have been determined by looking from the building interior, to removing fasteners, or replacing flashing. These observations prompted the development of a testing device to check the weatherability of a fastener from the top-side of a roof—safely, and quickly. The SealTester was the solution and is being used by builders, erectors, plant maintenance managers, and manufacturers throughout the country and abroad. Also, it serves as a quality control check for new roof installations with Architect and Engineer project warranty specifications.

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