Using the SealTester Tool

How it Works

  1. Place tool over a fastener and apply downward pressure
  2. Make sure you have an airtight grip
  3. Pull upward on the handle
  4. Read gauge to test the integrity of the fastener seal. If it holds pressure it’s a tight seal. If it doesn’t, simply replace the fastener.

Help is there when you need it

Just keep a SealTester tool in your tool box at all times and you can check fasteners as they are installed or if problems arise.

Saves you time

It’s easier to spot check fastener installation on new or call-back installations. It will make diagnosing faulty seals a fast and simple job.

Saves you money

Avoid the time consuming and costly task of having to figure out which loose fastener or bad seal is causing a problem. The SealTester tool pinpoints problems quickly so you don’t have to waste time or money.

How to use SealTester Tool
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